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Justin and Shanna are excited to be a part of YOUR health jourey.  They started theirs by becoming more health conscious after having three little boys.  

"Somehow after our children were born, we became health ninjas in certain ways and more lenient in other ways!  We continue to learn and are forever grateful to have found safe products for our family and others!  When lives are changed that's when what we do realy hits the heart, and we take a breath and realize what we are doing is going to continue helping people well into the future." -Shanna Crum

Justin and Shanna are SO beyond excited to have found Sisel and excited to continue seeing and hearing amazing testimonials! 

"If you have never tried Sisel products and you are just now realizing the immediate need for products that are non-toxic and free of potentially harmful ingredients, then you have found your home.  We are excited to hear from you!  Contact us today.  God bless you!"

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Justin Crum